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A Hibernation like no Other!

Hello my fellow lockdown survivors! Some of you are working twice as hard with even more stress due to Corona19 protocols and the heavy energy your clients/patients/customers drag in with them. I appreciate you. Know this.

Some of you are like me, unable to work or run your business due to the effort to control the spread of this unusual virus. We understand why, but that does not ease the isolation during an already tough time of year. Up here, north of the 46th Parallel, it has been darker, cooler and heavier for too long. So I have to ask....

How are you doing?

Many clients and friends are taking this time to develop new hobbies, work on removing unhealthy habits, look inward and discover who they really are when not running full speed on the hamster wheel they have become accustomed to. These are the bonuses of isolation, if we take advantage of it, if we can pull ourselves out of the hibernation sleep our lizard brain says we must go into (*it's dark, cold and we are not going anywhere, so it must be famine/hibernation time, no?*).

Many are struggling - this time to look inward may not be a comfortable process. Many of us spend our lives shoving emotions under to "deal with later".... guess what Darling, it's Later. I do suggest asking someone to be your "swim buddy" who checks in with you every day or so, making sure you are finding you way out, not under. There are free online groups with all sorts of belief systems and support processes - take time to find your people. Find a group that speaks your lingo, who inspires you to improve, not drown.

On a personal note, I am working hard to stay away from conspiracy theories, as I cannot change what is going on - I CAN CHANGE MY OWN ENERGY OUTPUT. I put out love, acceptance and quiet authenticity. Is this the solution? Perhaps not, but I will try it for now..... and tweak it as I go.

My dear Friend - take time to be good to you. Move your body so it becomes aware that you are not going into famine or hibernation. Get out into the sunshine in as much of a timespan as you can handle today. Speak WITH those who inspire you to be a better human being ( I highlight WITH as conversations are meant to be a bit of speaking and a lot of listening). Put nutrition into your body in the forms that make you feel healthy, cooking meals with love.

We will see our way through this...


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