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A Charmed Life is Earned

Hello my dear friend,

thank you once again for clicking and taking time to read some rambling thoughts by yours truly.

As this last lockdown wrapped up allowing our spa to reopen and small groups to socialize again, I have had the fortune to enjoy many amazing conversations. The consistent topic has been the result of 18 months of lockdowns, ever changing restrictions, and the changes triggered by those.

Many folks have renewed priorities, others are dealing with old trauma they have shoved under forever and everyone, yes everyone, is carrying the heavier energy of a world wide struggle.

Here is what I want to share with you. My personal epiphany if you will. Over this struggle I have seen us all deal with our challenges. We can continue to complain about how unfair the process is and carry that in our heavy “bag of rocks” or, now bear with me for a minute, or we can put all our struggles, trauma, disappointments, etc into the same garbage pail as that one time you fell on your butt as a 14 month old when you were walking too fast between couches.

I doubt you carry the trauma of being a 3 month old and having a dirty diaper for too long, replaying it everyday. What if, we allowed all our experiences to be just that…..experience that helps us determine preferences and learn self sufficiency? What if we no longer have any power to the friend who betrayed us or the ex who abused us? Would we get duped again or would we just be stronger, wiser adults with open arms to experiencing life full on?

letting go of the experiences themselves, keeping the lesson, readjusting our preferences and priorities does an amazing thing - it opens our lives to amazing opportunities to just be and live a Charmed Life!

We ALL have a bag of rocks - YOU choose which rocks you keep to drag around or which ones you toss away.

My darling friend, risk tossing some rocks away. Live today a little lighter.

With Love and Light,


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