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The Nudging of Spring

Hello my dear friend! Once again, thank you for stopping by. It is mid February and all of Ontario is experiencing mood swing style weather. Every client that I interact with feels like their body just wants to crawl into bed and sleep until all the snow is gone and the sun is out.

How are you feeling? Are you taking time to rest? If not, why not? It has been proven that resting. When one feels sluggish will help you be more productive after you rest. Most of us, though, have a hard time getting her head wrapped around that. we feel judged that we are lazy.

Spring will be here soon and the days will be long and sunny. We will start planting gardens and need less clothing when we go out the door. Until then, my friend, rest when you can. Afternoon naps are delicious. Going to bed early is not a bad thing, bring a book with you and let your body relax.

This is also a good time to journal. We are less on the run. Write down your dreams when you wake up, jot down, thought processes when they come up, list, your dreams, and journal about the things you want to let go.

I wish for you a restful period and I look forward to seeing you when the days are longer.


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