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What is this concept of Self TRUST?

Hello my fellow travellers! I am here again, sharing my thoughts and observations, for the pure purpose of living authentically and proving if I can keep going, so can you 🤓.

A month ago I moved to a new home, in a new town, to start a new spa location! Anyone who has a peek at my life history will NOT be surprised by this move, yet THIS move felt Gargantuan! Leaving “the” relationship, taking on a bigger budget, building a new client base, and moving further away from the security of my family, friends and clients... seemed just more daunting then all my leaps of faith before.

What have I learned? That my 50 years of failures, successes, heartbreaks, risks and opportunities brought me to NOW; That the world will continue to spin whether I sabotage this or ride it to a grand success; That there are people EVERYWHERE who want to live better, be better and live longer!

Now to TRUST myself, listen to MY own opinions with the wisdom of other’s input & Make this My Best Challenge Yet!

I wish for you challenges, opportunities and successes of your own... each a rung on YOUR ladder of life ❤️

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