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Authenticy First

Back when I initially started talking to people about their goals, passions and how to attain them, I personally was a hot mess - successfully helped to bring three amazing young ladies to adulthood, happily worked in my community in a variety of jobs/careers and became friends wuth terrific people - all while I struggled to keep up appearances, never letting anyone see how sad and lonely I was. Never earning enough income to get past daily living and basic debt repayments, the dreams I had were just that.... dreams, not goals. I talked the talk, but just could not walk the walk.

In a society of Jones' and Jones' wannabe's, it seemed more important to dress and talk "successfull". I was a secret pagan who just wanted to move to a small house on 100 acres of lakefront property, receiving numeration from the village for healing their sick, feeding the downtrodden and offering spiritual guidance. Turns out, it is the 21st century and that simplified life is much harder to achieve.

I share all this to help you understand that EVERY human has struggled - some more traumatically then others, yes, but we all carry the scars and core values established from our struggles. Do I want clients to have 100% trust in me? Of course, but would they trust someone who has never "been there"? Living authentically has been the scariest challenge yet - being honest about true feelings - being real.

How can I impress the potential client without the latest fashion, the fancy possessions and perfect life? Those are not the clients I want. They are not ready to peel back their own facade to examine their authenticity. Sadly.

So, I ask YOU... are you ready to peel it all back, dig away at old hurts to heal them and then leap into your best Authentic Life?

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