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October Full Moon, Thanksgiving and Honoring Mother Earth 

Updated: Oct 16, 2019

I took time today for my Full Moon ceremony. When I do this, I feel a release of stress and anger. Handing over my guilt, shame, frustration and negative subconscious voice means I am left wuth a light energy, open to gratitude for all I have and an appreciation for all that Mother Earth provides my human form.

It is in these moments I take stock of my possessions, how many items does a person require? How is my lifestyle of accumulation and consumerism helping me be my best human? What can I do better?

Looking at the bees as they do their final rounds before the long winter underground, they are happy in their simplicity, no worries that they carry the future of our successful crops in their DNA. They live their purpose without fear and guilt.

What a luxury that is!

Namaste my friends

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