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New Decade, New Chapter

Well we did it, rolled into a new year and new decade. With lessons learned, we look forward to an easier life.

I am so fortunate to have the love and respect of my clients, friends and family. Yes, I worked hard to earn the life I have, yet I never take it for granted. In a moment all can change. We have all seen this in our own lives.

My commitment going forward is to live according to my intuition, be in the moment and help others when I can.

I understand my chosen services and modalities are not for everyone, yet I trust people will share my information with those who it may resonate with. My 50 years on planet earth have taught me lessons I openly share with those who I may help, again, not everyone's interest.

As well, I commit to listening. Others bring their own experiences and lessons to my ears - my only responsibility is to hold space and respectfully listen.

Thank you to those who share. Thank you to those who listen. Thank you to those who choose my services.


February 22, I will walk with my Klingon Crew in the Coldest Night of the Year event. If you wish to help us help.others, you can donate at:

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