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New Chapter!

Covid19 has been a wake up call for all of us. The illness hit home for some who lost loved ones, and others who came through after the gruelling experience; others were effected in their work/business as our government wisely shut down many businesses to enforce the lockdown that controlled a possible catastrophe and many realized they wanted to invest more time in knowing what our governments were doing. None of this has been easy - new habits and wiser social planning; slower schedules for some; more self care around intensified work schedules for others.

As Phase 2 arrived in restarting our day to day, we at JustNatural Holistic Spa decided to open a new location in Haileybury ON. I moved home and work here to a location that overlooks Lake Temiskaming! Reducing my trips to Timmins from weekly to biweekly and focusing efforts on new clients here! Exciting times!

While change can be stressful, it can also create a space that allows for lifestyle adjustments more focused on self care - a message we here talk a lot about! It is time for us to walk the talk more then we have.

Join us at any of our locations, get to know our team and see how we can work with you to attain your dream life!


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