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Live like a Puppy Running out of an Open Gate!!

Vaccines, restrictions, masks, revamped business practices and a lot of Zoom/FaceTime - all of these were disconnected until this last year. We have all developed new skills and an ability to make the most of little joys.

Here is Northern Ontario, we are entering Stage 2 of Essential Service openings and our spa is so excited! Finally permitted to seeing our clients, with masks. We are finally able to sit with our close friends and family on a patio. We are "finally"...... it has felt like years of being held back.

So, my darling, with a renewed freedom and 16 months of imposed self evaluation, what will you do differently? Have you found your non-negotiables? Have you shared those with the ones you love?

Honestly, I ask because you have the rest of your life to LIVE or just EXIST. This is your life...create it, enjoy it, capture all the moments!

Enjoy your renewed freedom my loves. Namaste

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