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How to make this New Moon work for YOU!

With our world still isolating due to the current Covid19 Pandemic, you are in the perfect position to take grasp of the energies around you, revisiting your heritage and soul's choices. Here is one of my tools - moon energy!

On April 22, 2020 at 10:25 pm EST is when the April 2020 New Moon is at it's apex. New moons are the ideal time to bear your soul's truth, be completely honest about your dreams and desires then make some solid plans to make those changes required. Use the immense powerful New Moon to let go of what no longer serves you, even if you are terrified others will not understand. This is where I remind YOU, dear reader, that without YOU, your world does not exist. YES! YOU are the centre of YOUR world. You living a life that is pure, true, loving, compassionate and powerful is how YOU live your purpose AND how YOU help others. What activities allow you to vibrate at your purest? What dream have you known your life yet tuck away from possibility due to your own or others' restrictions?

Parents of young children, you know what your children need, they were born in your care because YOU are the parent they chose. Breathe deep. reach deep down and allow all that amazingness to overflow - you know what you are great at, what you need to lean on others for and what your awe inspiring child brings with them to this life! Allow ease, allow flexibility, allow errors/corrections, these are the moments we will remember when that child is a parent themselves. Socks do not need to match, dishes can have chips and your house is not being prepared for a magazine spread...... so what activities do you and your child do well? When do you thrive? When do you experience them at their happiest? The honor of being a parent is a gift to learn the real core meaning of life - and it isn't your next Instagram post, thumbs up input from your online family or approval from anyone else.

NOW - Shall we prepare for your ritual? First, sit, grab your journal and a beverage. What are you absolutely loving about life right now? Write that down! What do you miss or want that would help your daily life be more enjoyable? Write that down! What intentions would allow your daily experience to be joyous? (ie - more gratitude, more self reflection time, less traffic, less screen time, more water, less alcohol/tobacco/etc, more sex, less social media time, more time in nature, less clutter...........) Try to limit this reflection time to an hour, there is a rabbit hole you can start down that will impede your enjoyment of this amazingly enriched night, trust me!

OK - you want two pieces of paper, make them as plain or fancy as you choose - let your inner artist out if need be! The first is what you wish to let go, allowing the Universe/Angels/Fire to take away - list them or draw images that reflect these items. The second is what you wish to continue or add to your experience, again go as plain or artistic as you wish. DONE? Put them aside. Now gather items that resonate with you (seem to be a good fit, TRUST your gut darling, it knows) - candles, crystals, flowers/herbs, incense, foods, wine/mead. Some people practice a long ceremony around a bon fire with others, some honor the New Moon with a bath surrounded by their chosen items - you lean to what makes sense for you. Near the hour of the New Moon apex, prepare your fire or bath, put out your chosen items, light your candles. Take this time to just be in her energy - the pure darkness of a New Moon is like blank canvas. When you feel connected, take your list of items you are letting go - toss them into the fire or burn in a fireproof dish - feeling the Moon take the energy on - and LET IT GO! Sit in this for a bit. Feel that freeness, the lightness of letting something go! NEXT, the real kicker - take your other page - read it (quietly or aloud) - picture these being in your life daily, feel it, taste it, smell it! Same as the other page, now you offer them to the fire, giving them to the Universe/Angels/Fire to assist with. FEEL THAT?! You are part of a highly effective energy that is part of all life.

Next, is all about you - soak in your bath or celebrate with those you are sharing this ritual with! Feast, luxuriate, relax... the work is done for the night. You have tapped into the energy you know and trust!

Some notes - going into this ritual, be very aware of the invitation of others, perhaps their energy is a great addition, but, darling, always trust your gut. Share your energy with those who enhance it, not absorb it. I have experienced heavy energy around a ritual, often it was a reminder of my own heaviness that I no longer wanted to carry. We learn and move on.

I send you love, light and trust - enjoy!!

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